I became interested in mediation at the time of my own divorce, which was handled through mediation. At the time I was completing my degree in psychology, with an interest in family therapy, and enrolled in a training program for volunteer mediators.

In my time as a volunteer I worked with small claims cases, neighbors, co-workers and families. I saw how subtle changes in wording could create powerful shifts in perspective. I saw how intelligent and thoughtful people can sabotage their own interests by pre-existing patterns of recrimination, and found that effective communication could lead not only to a resolution of the issues but also to greater satisfaction on both sides.

I was struck by the power and potential of mediation to lead to a positive effect. I then became certified as a professional family and divorce mediator.

Different mediators have different styles. Ultimately, mediation is outcome-oriented. At times, however, it is productive to acknowledge the underlying emotions in order to better identify goals and move forward. My approach is to address these issues to the extent that they are relevant to a satisfactory outcome.


Miriam Jochnowitz

MA in Education
New York University

MA in Psychology
SUNY New Paltz

Certificate in
Transformative Mediation

The Dispute Resolution Center of Orange County,
New York

Certificate in
Divorce Mediation

Center for Mediation
and Training

Certification in Parent Coordination for High Conflict Couples
The Cooperative
Parenting Institute

Certification in
Parent-Child Mediation

Community Mediation Services, Queens, NY

Village Mediation • Telephone: (646) 808-5355