What is Mediation?

Mediation is facilitated communication. A mediator structures the discussion between the people involved, but does not make decisions on the participants’ behalf.

Mediation can be for:

Mediation is problem solving. Its goal is a workable solution. To achieve this, mediators will often guide the conversation away from blame shifting and towards practical considerations. A mediator can help parties in conflict come to an agreement, not by taking sides but by making sure each person’s concerns are heard and by keeping the discussion productive.

Mediation can be a convenient and cost-effective alternative to lawsuits. Parties can sit with a mediator and arrive at an agreement that best meets everyone's needs. Divorcing couples often choose mediation rather than bitter legal battles which can be harmful to their children. Village Mediation can help co-parents work together constructively during and after a divorce or separation.

Mediation lets you:

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